From manufacturing to dispensing to inspection, there's a solution to meet your needs.

Creating labels

  • Roller diameter verification
  • Loop control
  • Web edge control
  • Punching and identifying labels

Dispensing labels

  • Identifying the positioning of labels
  • Label sensors
  • Detecting empty label spools
  • Detecting end position at guide roller
  • Triggering labelling

Checking labelling

  • Position check for label fit
  • Traceability of products
  • Colour verification

Label usage is steadily increasing. Label types range from transparent or "non-label look", to printed and partially metallized, to booklets with integrated operating manuals. In order to safely detect this variety of label types, using just one sensor function isn't sufficient. We offer several detection options.

Our label sensors are equipped with auto-teach. The ideal switching point can be determined with the press of a button while the label tape is moving through the label sensor. This way, the auto-teach feature allows for extremely fast label changes while the process is running. In addition to button operation, remote teach variants for optical, capacitive and ultrasonic label sensors are also available.

Optical label sensors feature a very high switching frequency, a short response time and a high resolution. Large fork openings offer enough room for thicker label material. Versions with a very flat lower branch enable the detection of labels directly on the dispenser edge, guaranteeing a considerably increased dispensing precision.

Capacitive label sensors detect very thin as well as transparent labels and allow their exact positioning. Capacitive label sensors can also be used for the detection of double layers as well as bonding points.

Ultrasonic label sensors can detect very thin and transparent film labels and offer enough space for thicker, folded labels despite large fork openings. A clear operating menu with an integrated display enables an intuitive adjustment of the sensor functions without an operating manual. These label sensors don't just detect very thin and transparent foil labels, they also reliably detect metalized labels and provide sufficient clearance for thicker, folded booklets. The innovative dual operation concept which can be implemented using IO-Link or teach-in with manual threshhold value adjustment, makes it possible to put the sensor into operation quickly.

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